Anti Virus

April 30, 2013

virus-iconSME Server integrates  ClamAV (the open source (GPL) antivirus engine)  designed for detecting Trojans, viruses, malware and other malicious threats. It is the de facto standard for mail gateway scanning. It provides a high performance mutli-threaded scanning daemon, command line utilities for on demand file scanning, and an intelligent tool for automatic signature updates. The core ClamAV library provides numerous file format detection mechanisms, file unpacking support, archive support, and multiple signature languages for detecting threats.

By integrating the Anti virus software into the server, admins are able to run scheduled scans on the file system and are notified via email of the results of any possible infections, as well as type of infection found. An added benefit is that all incoming mails are also scanned on the fly with the advantage that infected emails are immediately quarantined, thus ensuring that infectious mails do not spread through the corporate network.

In conjunction with the mail servers ability to block known file types that are prone to having viral payloads, SME Server can also block executable attachments contained within emails thereby further eliminating potential infections.


Here is a list of the main features:clam_AV

  • command-line scanner
  • fast, multi-threaded daemon with support for on-access scanning
  • milter interface for sendmail
  • advanced database updater with support for scripted updates and digital signatures
  • virus scanner C library
  • on-access scanning (Linux® and FreeBSD®)
  • virus database updated multiple times per day (see home page for total number of signatures)
  • built-in support for various archive formats, including Zip, RAR, Tar, Gzip, Bzip2, OLE2, Cabinet, CHM, BinHex, SIS and others
  • built-in support for almost all mail file formats
  • built-in support for ELF executables and Portable Executable files compressed with UPX, FSG, Petite, NsPack, wwpack32, MEW, Upack and obfuscated with SUE, Y0da Cryptor and others

built-in support for popular document formats including MS Office and MacOffice files, HTML, RTF and PDF

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